Foods rich in Vitamin C that can not miss in your diet

Surely you’ve heard that taking foods rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, it is essential to keep completely healthy, and it’s true. So here we recommend a series of foods that will help you make all the vitamin C you need throughout the day while you get tired of them.

vitamin c foods

Maybe until now only you may know a few foods rich in vitamin C and therefore cost you take enough (do you feel tired at times throughout the day? This may be one of the causes), but with that we are going to tell you here you will have menus in abundance to change your diet and to obtain the vitamin C that your body needs without taking any extra multivitamin. Continue reading Foods rich in Vitamin C that can not miss in your diet

The importance of eating natural foods

The natural, ecological or organic foods are those that have not been treated with any chemicals in their production process. These foods are characterized by not contain any chemical residue.

consume natural foods

Because of the overpopulation we have on Earth, it is increasingly difficult to produce food in the best conditions for all inhabitants. That is why in the twenty-first century all-natural foods are absent, and we live in a society where the major brands of products only seek their own benefit offering foods with large amounts of chemicals, preservatives, colors and sweeteners to simulate these properties of natural foods. Continue reading The importance of eating natural foods

Foods that contain healthy fats

Often when we speak or hear the term “fat” we automatically think in terms as obesity, cholesterol, weight gain, poor health… but maybe there are some things about fat that you do not know and that you must consider when pursuing a healthy eating, and that not all fats are bad and also fats are absolutely necessary for our body.

healthy fats

Fats provide energy
Fats, along with carbohydrates and proteins, are the three basic macronutrients that your body needs to stay alive and energized. You can not live aside of these three macronutrients, therefore you should know that fats properly, are very healthy. Continue reading Foods that contain healthy fats

10 tricks to save on food and eat healthy

You can save on food without eating poorly. These simple tricks make your pocket less tight, but your diet remains healthy…

Say no to junk food
Try to avoid a diet consisting of French fries, macaroni and cheese and hamburger of fast food restaurant. Although they are very tempting, eventually affect your health and your pocket.

save on food

Prepare it yourself
Make your own coffee at home, purchase fruits and seasonal vegetables, and occasionally replace meat with other protein sources like eggs and beans. If you go hiking, take your food and healthy snacks such as jicama and cucumbers. If you have to spend at work, preparing your own meat, put it in the refrigerator and sees bringing slowly to the office. Continue reading 10 tricks to save on food and eat healthy


In this article we will speak about the fast food, one of the greatest enemies we have when we have at the time of weight loss. Who is able to resist going to a fast food establishment, such as McDonald’s, from time to time? I think nobody is without sin here, so let’s give you some tips for when you go to a fast food establishment does not suffer the most terrible consequences.

fast food establishment

Learn to ask
Usually when we go to a fast food place, we ask what more we want, as is logical. However, making small changes in order, we can get cut calories we take in up to 50%:

  • If you go to a burger tries to ask for any that do not have many sauces and, above all, having little bread: for example the Big Mac is a bad choice. A good option is a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles… such as a Whopper from Burger King.

Properties of olive oil

The olive oil is a food that may already include in your diet and use it to make chips, salad dressings or other culinary purposes. The olive oil comes, as its name suggests, the juice of the olives or olives extracted from the olive tree. Therefore, it is a vegetable oil and, contrary to what many people think, is one of the healthiest foods that exist.

properties of olive oil

Healthy fats
Normally all fats that come from products and vegetable oils are healthy fats, i.e., which are good for our body despite being fat and have a high caloric content. And it is necessary to differentiate between healthy unsaturated fats or those that are not, saturated, contained in bakery products such as red meat.

Most fats, up to 75%, of olive oil, are represented in the form of oleic acid, a substance that has numerous health benefits, among which the control of cholesterol. Continue reading Properties of olive oil

Can children be vegetarian?

The vegetarianism is a lifestyle that lead many people either animal love or health. Generally this lifestyle as adults takes a decision, although many would like to inculcate the habit in their children. Is it possible without causing damage?

vegetarianism in children

Vegetarianism now
It is increasingly easy to bring a vegetarian diet as more and more free foods made from animal products. The bad thing is that also increasingly generate more processed food that vegetarians can eat. This does that less fruits and vegetables are consumed, which does not contribute to a healthy diet. Continue reading Can children be vegetarian?

Examples of foods between healthy meals

Eating between meals is something we do almost all, some healthier than others. And to make a meal between meals or “healthy snacks” is important to achieve our goals, whether weight loss or to maintain our cholesterol levels low or even if we are diabetic, so that’s why we put a few examples of snacks or meals between healthy meals:

foods between healthy meals

Two kiwis
If you are someone who struggle to eat fruit you may find it heavy take this food, but eat a couple of kiwis as lunch or as a snack, or simply when you go a little hungry between meals is very healthy for two reasons:

  • The kiwi has high fiber content, a feature that makes it a quite filling food. Moreover, thanks to the fiber improves our intestinal transit.
  • Kiwis are one of the richest fruits in vitamin C, which provide us with energy and vitality, so these are ideal to take in the morning.

Continue reading Examples of foods between healthy meals

5 benefits of eating fish regularly

The fish is one of the least incorporate foods in our diet, mainly because to eat it on the day if we want good quality fresh fish. However since we will give you 5 reasons why you should eat fish at least 2 times a week and also motivate you to do and you’ll discover all benefits of fish.

benefits of eating fish

Omega 3
Probably the fish is one of the foods that supply of omega 3 can provide us in our diet. The omega 3 fatty acid is a substance that has different functions in our body, such as improve heart function and control our blood pressure, preventing famous hypertension.

The more fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids are oily fish such as tuna or mackerel, and it is advisable to include at least these fish couple of times a week. Continue reading 5 benefits of eating fish regularly

Kiwi properties: One of the most nutritious fruits

Do you know the amazing properties of a well-known and traditional fruit such as the kiwi? If you still do not know the properties of kiwi is better for you to keep reading this article, because surely do that since you start to include kiwi in your diet thanks to the benefits it has for our health and good properties.

kiwi properties

The kiwi, an excellent source of vitamin C
Perhaps this is the best known property. The kiwi is one of the richest fruits in vitamin C, it contains about 100mg per 100g of weight, much more proportion fruits such as orange, which is already a good source of vitamin C. Specifically, the orange has about 50mg of vitamin C, so that the kiwi has more or less double and is only surpassed by fruits such as currants or guavas. Continue reading Kiwi properties: One of the most nutritious fruits