Chocolate & Ice Cream

10 alternatives to ice cream

You love them, but you want to find alternatives to ice cream to take care of your health and yours.

The ice creams are the favorite dessert of many, its freshness and sweetness and captivate any more in the seasons of stifling heat.

But if you do not have access to natural or homemade ice cream, perhaps the best idea for the moment is to select an alternative so as not to fall into the consumption of industrial ice cream.

alternatives to ice cream

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Thinking about it, these are 10 equally delicious alternatives to enjoy a dessert without worrying about the consequences on your health.

1. Natural fruit slushies

If you are looking for a dessert capable of refreshing and similar to the classic ice cream sundaes, slushies are known worldwide and therefore can be found in almost any country.

natural fruit slushies

The slushies are ideal for the summer, and best of all, they can be prepared easily, since it only takes more than ice and fresh fruit to prepare them.

Although you can not miss a little brown sugar to contrast the acidity if you have it.

Similarly, there is a wide variety of fruits to play with to make slushies, so only the imagination will be an impediment. Some of the favorite ingredients are strawberries or raspberries.

2. Gelatin as alternatives to ice cream

The gelatins are also other options as regards cooling and cold desserts.


The positive thing about gelatins is that they can have a huge variety of flavors, and it doesn’t take much to be able to taste them.

For example, for the preparation of gelatin, you hardly need water, an envelope of this and depending on the type of gelatin you can add sugar or light cream cheese, as well as preferably pieces of fruit.

3. Frozen yogurt

For lovers of acidic flavors combined with fruit, nothing better than yogurt and if it is frozen much better.

frozen yogurt

This is why frozen yogurt is the place of the classic ball ice creams, they can be a huge option.

The frozen yogurt have less sugar and calories than traditional, so it is the ability to cool much more than, for example, a chocolate ice cream.

4. Yogurt with fruit

And following the line of yogurt as a dessert, accompanying it in its traditional state in the company of some fruit is delicious.

In addition, it is not a high-calorie dessert, so it is a delicacy that will not be prohibited with diets.

yogurt with fruit

It should also be noted that yogurt is a probiotic food, so it can help you improve your digestive system.

There are many fruits to try with yogurt such as peaches if you decide on something sweet, or pineapple if you want something more acidic.

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5. Frozen watermelon

A very interesting idea to enjoy a 100% natural dessert, consists of simply chopping a watermelon into medium pieces and storing them in a refrigerator, to eat them after a few hours.

frozen watermelon

As simple as that, and it is that the frozen watermelon is a totally natural delight where the abundance of water contained in the fruit is used, to turn it into a kind of ice cream.

6. Strawberries with chocolate

Strawberries are the favorite fruit of many, their flavor and consistency is preferred in an impressive number of desserts, from ice cream to cakes and cookies.

But what if it is eaten in its most natural state in the company of chocolate?

It is so with simplicity that strawberries dipped in melted chocolate are worthy desserts for anyone.

The purer the chocolate the better, and once dipped in the melted chocolate they can be put in the refrigerator to later obtain a very refreshing dessert with a great flavor.

7. Fresh cheese with honey

The fresh cheese can be considered a very light dessert if it is combined with the necessary ingredients.

So it can be combined with fresh cheese with honey or with a berry sauce, and being cold of course.

8. Macedonia Salad

The fruit salad is a perfect summer dessert that consists of a mixture of fruits cut into small pieces and seasoned with sugar to taste.

macedonia salad

It is a fresh and great tasting dessert, you can also customize it as much as you want by selecting the fruits that you like the most or whose combination you like the most.

9. Mousse

The mousse is a solution for those who cannot give up creamy desserts.


If you want to reduce your amount of calories, you can opt for a light version.

10. Lemon sorbet

Lastly, lemon sorbet is another refreshing and simple dessert to make.

It consists of a mixture of lemon juice, water, egg whites and sugar.

It is frozen, a layer of meringue is added and gives a second round of frozen.