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10 tricks to save on food and eat healthy

You can save on food without eating poorly. These simple tricks make your pocket less tight, but your diet remains healthy…

Say no to junk food
Try to avoid a diet consisting of French fries, macaroni and cheese and hamburger of fast food restaurant. Although they are very tempting, eventually affect your health and your pocket.

save on food

Prepare it yourself
Make your own coffee at home, purchase fruits and seasonal vegetables, and occasionally replace meat with other protein sources like eggs and beans. If you go hiking, take your food and healthy snacks such as jicama and cucumbers. If you have to spend at work, preparing your own meat, put it in the refrigerator and sees bringing slowly to the office.

Try to know in advance what menu will prepare. Buy offers and testing the generic brands or ‘white’ brands of commercial establishments. It will save you a considerable sum.

Fruits and vegetables are not expensive
If you buy fruits and vegetables that are in season the price is very reasonable. You can have your small vegetable garden, if you have room in your house. Another way is to cultivate in pots, with proper care you will get fruit.

May prefer unprepared products
Being hot meals that coming out pre seasoned but more expensive. Try to marinate your own meat, you do not need a commercial establishment do it for you. If you need chicken, for example, it costs less buy a chicken with bone and skin, and then removes it, buy boneless chicken breasts.

Acquire unprocessed grains
It is much better and cheaper to cook your own beans to buy those that come in the box. Prefer the fresh products; focus your attention on the vegetables, lean meats and low-fat dairy products, in attaining of the cookies and snacks.

Save your leftover restaurant
Finally, the expert recommends that when you go out to eat and you know you served in large portions, you ask the excess to carry. So you will not waste anything and it will be for lunch.

Divide the meal with your partner
Another way to save when you’re out is sort an inlet and as well as a main dish and split it with your companion. Try to make your outings in the day because at night dinners are more expensive.

Do not waste food
If you have family, accustom them that must not waste the meal. Tell them to serve on the plate only what they will eat and whether they have any invitation to go with friends will be reminded that to do less and not much is left remaining.

Take a look at the expiration date
Try to choose products with more time for their consumption and visualizes if really you will finish the package in the date that is in the packing. There is no worse thing that you will spoil things in the refrigerator, it is a loss of money.

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