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Today, foods plays an important role in the health of people, but eating healthy and give the body the best, does not mean it has to be bland or boring. To best feed without diminishing the taste of your food, you can add 100% organic superfoods to your daily meals.


Here we recommend these four superfoods: goji berries, coconut palm sugar, mulberries and cashews cocoa chip. Each has specific characteristics and unique health benefits such as:


Goji Berries. This is a fruit that is grown and harvested in the region of Tibet and is known for its rich flavor and high nutritional contribution, to be considered a superfood. The recommended dose by experts is 20 to 30 goji berries daily, including them in salads, smoothies or by adding 20 seeds and leave it in infusion for 4 mins in a green tea.

Coconut palm sugar. 100% natural sweetener and native to Indonesia. The processes for obtaining it is handmade, tear the Palm and generates a wise, thus achieving a sugar (not refined). It is ideal to sweeten the coffee in the morning, because its flavor is given a brown sugar and will give a coffee flavor.

Mulberries. The dried white mulberries, also known as Mulberries are a sweet fruit with high nutritional property. That is why it is considered a superfood native in Turkey.

Cashews cocoa chip. Definitely a snack that you can not stop eating because it contains the nutritional power of Indian nut, sweetened with cocoa, considered one of the gifts of the earth, this by its high nutrient contribution and being a food rich in antioxidant intake. The combination of these foods is a whole gourmet experience.

Superfoods will help you experience in your diet and in the kitchen, because you can adapt to your day and make them a snap of your daily diet. Therefore apart from delicious, they will contribute to your health nutrients, vitamins, proteins and antioxidants needed.

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