4 ways to include vegetables in your breakfast

Everywhere we hear that we need to eat more vegetables and we include in all our main meals. But if in case we have trouble eating vegetables at lunch time, think eat some zucchini for breakfast, and not fancy anything.

include vegetables

However, eat vegetables if it is of the utmost importance to be nourished properly, plus it is more likely that we are at a healthy weight among eating more vegetables.

There are some simple (and delicious) ways to incorporate vegetables at breakfast.


Add vegetables in eggs are too easy. You can make omelets or scrambled eggs with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc. Use all the vegetables you can think of. Also, it’s quick and easy to prepare food, so you can not make excuses that do not have time to do it.


Another easy way to prepare a nutritious breakfast, quick and easy to make. Even if you make your sweet smoothie, try adding vegetables like spinach, not will give you a different flavor (so remain sweet) but it will provide many nutrients to your drink. The only thing you have to do is put all your ingredients to the blender and you’ve got your breakfast ready to go anywhere while you nourish well.


That’s right; also to these you can add vegetables. Use pureed vegetables like squash or carrots and add it to your mix to make hotcakes. You can also add banana to give a sweet touch. You never believe that eating vegetables could be so rich. Try them before you judge!


Once you grab a taste for vegetables, you can realize that they are delicious. No need to combine them with other dishes to enjoy. Put them steamed and enjoy your taste while you are completely satisfied.