Fats and Fatty Acids

5 foods that nutritionists would never eat

When we think of diet worn by nutritionists, we usually think that consume pure salads and organic food to be in perfect health. This is not necessarily true. Nutritionists also have their negligence tastes and often know best how to add them to their diet, but that does not mean that their diets are perfect.

diets of nutritionists

What are the diets of nutritionists is to know perfect foods not worth at all and therefore prefer to delete them at all costs. Do you want to know what?

Instant soups
Instant soups are the easiest, fastest and foods that you can prepare when you die of hunger and do not have much time to eat. However this product is nothing more than chemical, salt and additives products. Better become a natural soup with whole wheat pasta.

The sausages are all that excess animal meat (offal, fat and other things) together with sugar and more chemical compounds. No nutritionists believe that consuming what was left over to the meat industry and packed in a sausage.

Diet soda
Diet soft drinks are a great choice of transition for people who want to lose weight and take much soda, but only of transition. Taking diet soda is usually not as healthy, because although it does not contain calories, contains all sorts of additives and junk that we do not want in our body.

White chocolate
A white chocolate lover will hurt them this but the truth is that it is not chocolate. This “chocolate” is a blend of cocoa butter, sugar and milk. We know that it is rich but practically it adds nothing healthy to our body so we should discard it.

Butter-flavored microwave popcorn
Diacetyl is a chemical used in butter flavorings and is used in a lot of fake butter flavor, while this chemical is so detrimental to the workers of the factory which is known to cause an illness called “popcorn lung”.

If you want popcorn, do it yourself with real butter.