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5 foods that you must eliminate from your diet today

With the rise of fast food and processed foods, our body is exposed to food that can deteriorate our health and well-being in the long term. Especially if these are taken in excessive form and without any control.

That is why we have made a list of foods that you should reduce considerably to enjoy a higher quality of life.

food must eliminate from diet

These are the 5 foods and drinks that we should eliminate from the diet

Soft drinks and sugary drinks

The majority of soft drinks made with carbonated water, come from corn syrup, a compound that contains an excessive caloric intake and do not bring any advantage to our body.

What’s more, these types of drinks have been the culprits for millions of children around the world beginning to suffer from rare diseases such as obesity or diabetes.

All this without mentioning that the high sugar levels, disqualifies the bones, causes the appearance of cavities and promote osteoporosis.

If you are looking for the taste of soft drinks, it is best opt for sparkling mineral water and then accompany it with some fruit.

Processed bread

More and more people have the preconceived idea that the normal bread they consume every day just gets fatter. Nothing could be further from the truth. These are made with refined flour that previously eliminated all the nutrients and vitamins that natural wheat provides.

Also, these have a high content in sugars and calories that would cause our weight to increase considerably. To give you an idea, a slice of normal, has the same caloric intake as four slices of wholemeal bread.

But you should try to reduce its consumption if you want to lead a healthy and balanced diet. What is the best? To choose without any doubt for the authentic rye bread.

Whole milk

Who would think that milk from the cow could also be harmful to our health if taken in large quantities? Well, we are right.

From the very moment that comes out of the animal, often add preservatives or saturated fats so that know much better. This can translate into a multitude of conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol.

As a solution, there is always the option to buy milk with a lower fat index. In this way it will be possible to enjoy a good glass of milk either in the morning or at night, without our health suffering.

Various fritters

The oil we buy directly in the supermarket and then fry can be a source of malicious toxins for our body as is phosphoric acid. Both French fries, croquettes and fried in general are composed of 33% of this industrial oil.

The worst thing is that this is not processed inside our gut. Hence it is very important to reduce our consumption drastically.

If this food is abused, it is possible that in the long run all kinds of heart-related diseases or gastritis may occur that can negatively affect our daily well-being.

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More and more people taking margarine instead of butter naturally thinking that is most beneficial. If you fall into this group, we have to say that you have lived the whole life wrong.

As you can see in its leaflet, it is made with different “types of fats of animal and vegetal origin”. Even on many occasions these add other unhealthy chemical components if taken too much.

Although natural butter a higher caloric intake (although this cholesterol is considered as the “good”) we assure you that it will be much more beneficial and healthy if taken in small amounts.