Food Myths


Food is the fuel of the human body, the amount and quality of nutrients we receive guarantees that our body is healthy and can be active to cope with everyday activities. However, on the issue raised many doubts and today many foods have been demonized, ascribing negative power to our body and our lifestyle.

food myth

The 5 most common myths and contradictions:

  1. There are good foods and bad foods. This is a generic myth refers to many different foods. If the bread is bad, if the egg should not be eaten, coffee raises blood pressure. It is true that there are bad foods, however, have a varied diet is ideal for body balance, the most important thing is to take care and time proportions in which foods are consumed.
  2. Drinking water with meals fattening. Water has no calories so it is impossible for fattening. Drink 2½ to 2 liters of water a day improves the functioning of metabolism, moisturizes the skin, and promotes bowel function, among many other benefits. Drinking with meals can ruin your appetite but in no way will make you fat.
  3. The light foods are not fattening. This is a very wrong idea, light foods are those that have reduced their calories, either because they have less fat or less sugar, but this does not mean that they are not able to fatten someone. If consumed in excess and wrong hours can fatten the same way as a common food.
  4. Salt fattening. This is not true, in fact salt is very low in calories, but it can make you retain fluid and hence the myth that fat spread. Again in this case it is recommended to take care of the excesses.
  5. The fruit fattening. This is one of the most widespread myths today and one of the most damaging. Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, not fat but you know what time you eat. It is preferable to avoid drinking alcohol at night because they are high in sugar and although it is natural and does not pose harm to our body as refined sugar, can hinder our goal to lose weight.

Eating at the correct time according to your needs
There are many myths about food, the most important thing is to have a balanced diet that includes protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, legumes, fruits and all the food groups, avoiding excesses and according to schedules which are consumed these foods, which also depends on the physical activity that you have.

It is not bad for health to consume carbohydrates at night, but if you have a sedentary lifestyle that could fatten, instead if you practice any sport high-impact at night, carbohydrate can be your ally.

Remember, there is no bad food, all provide us with some important nutrient, but must learn to combine them and always take care the quantities.

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