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9 Healthy Frozen Foods You Can Eat During Quarantine

Thanks to the deep-freezing processes used by the food industry, it is possible to have safe food for consumption for long periods of time.

Healthy Frozen Foods

However, on many occasions there is a tendency to think that deep-frozen foods are harmful to health, mainly because this term is often confused with the definition of ultra-processed.

They have nothing to do with each other. The technological processes used in the food industry do not make a food unhealthy by themselves, but the key lies in the nutritional quality of the raw materials and ingredients used during the preparation of each food.

9 Healthy Frozen Foods

Here we bring you a nine wide selection of deep-frozen foods that are really healthy and can help us to have a better diet during this quarantine, and also within a normal life routine.

1. Sauteed Vegetables And Mushrooms

Within the wide range of deep-frozen foods that we find in the supermarket, stir-fries of different vegetables and mushrooms are one of the options most demanded by consumers.

sauteed vegetables

These products allow us to quickly dispose of side dishes or complete dishes that, together with a protein ration, that perfectly comply with all healthy eating standards and allow us to very easily increase our daily intakes of vegetables in general.

In addition, the consumption of mushrooms such as boletus, or shiitake mushrooms complements very well both the flavor and the nutritional contribution of the vegetables. Mushrooms are rich in protein and also in B vitamins, and minerals such as selenium and potassium.

2. Dishes Prepared with Rice

Risotto, paella and rice dishes practically prepared for immediate consumption are the stars of the firmament in terms of quick-frozen prepared dishes. A quick heat stroke in a frying pan or microwave is practically enough to have a nutritionally complete ready dish.

Of course, let’s not kid ourselves. Its flavor is not even remotely similar to that of a good rice prepared at home in a traditional way, but we must not detract from the achievement of some specific preparations in organoleptic terms.

Of course, in general, this type of product nutritionally meets high quality standards. They only differ from rice prepared at home by the possible presence of a few additives that do not pose any health problems.

In addition, deep-frozen rice preparations allow us to choose a much more varied selection of recipes that has a certain complexity in the kitchen for the most novice users. Such is the case of black rice or seafood paella, and also some varieties of more exotic dishes that have an origin in foreign cuisine, such as Indonesian ‘Nasi Goreng’ rice.

3. Steamed Vegetables

A very interesting form of frozen vegetables are steamed vegetables. This product allows you to cook directly in the microwave for record time, resulting in a ready-to-eat prepared dish that is totally healthy, since it generally only includes small amounts of olive oil, salt and other spices.

steamed vegetables

This product takes advantage of the water vapor itself that is generated from the inside of the food to the outside to finish cooking the vegetables completely. This cooking method is possible thanks to the special packaging that these vegetables have, the typical bags made with materials suitable for microwaves.

4. Piquillo Peppers Stuffed With Cod

The piquillo peppers stuffed with cod are another of the star options that exist when it comes to a range of healthy frozen foods. In a food sector where pizzas, battered and ultra-processed pizzas in general are abundant, piquillo peppers stuffed with cod offer a healthy and tasty alternative that is worth taking into account in the catalog of prepared dishes.

Preparing them at home is very simple, however, we can also count on their deep-frozen version in the bedroom for those days when we do not feel like cooking much but do not want to give up a healthy and delicious dish.

5. Spinach With Raisins And Pine Nuts

This prepared dish is a classic for those who love deep-frozen vegetables. Without a doubt, spinach with raisins and pine nuts make up a more than interesting dish to include in our diet using a vegetable as healthy — and at the same time so undervalued — as spinach.

Spinach With Raisins And Pine Nuts

The touch of raisins and pine nuts very well complements the taste of spinach and provides a sweet touch that combines wonderfully into a round dish in nutritional terms.

6. Chopped Vegetables Ready To Cook

In addition to combinations of different vegetables, we currently have an individual deep-frozen version of virtually any vegetable you can imagine in supermarkets.

chopped vegetables

From beans, broccoli and brussels sprouts to pumpkin, cauliflower or artichokes, to peppers, zucchini and eggplant, the infinite range of washed and chopped vegetables offered by different supermarkets is almost infinite. This allows us to have ready-to-cook vegetables, saving us a lot of time in previous preparation processes and increasing our offer of healthy foods quite easily.

7. Onion And Garlic

Special mention should be made of these two types of deep-frozen vegetable foods, usually used as condiments in many recipes and culinary preparations.

For some users it may seem unnecessary to buy frozen onion and garlic, but for those who are not very fond of cooking, having these deep-frozen versions can be a notable advantage in terms of the typical inconveniences of odors and watery eyes when cutting the onion.

Without a doubt, deep-frozen onion and garlic offer brilliant solutions to everyday problems that many users suffer in silence and that sometimes severely limit their culinary offerings at home.

8. Fish: Tuna, Salmon, Hake or Cod

Varieties such as tuna and salmon or hake and cod are those most appreciated by consumers, since it is quite easy to find these fish in the format of individual fillets or loins that can be included in almost any dish.

The healthy benefits of fish are well known, mainly related to its protein content and healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids that are mostly found in oily or fatty fish. Deep freezing allows us to conveniently dispose of perishable foods such as fish, with all the advantages that this implies when planning a healthy menu several days in advance.

9. Peeled And Frozen Prawns

Within the market for deep-frozen seafood, prawns are undoubtedly one of the most interesting foods due to the extensive culinary tradition that encompasses them and their versatility in the kitchen.

Having peeled prawns at home significantly facilitates the previous food preparation processes, being a perfectly healthy alternative to the fish and shellfish substitutes that we frequently find on the table of many consumers.