A healthy sandwich

Many athletes and many people have generally included in their diet is a delicious sandwich and that’s actually a very full meal or snack because the combination of the ingredients that make it very healthy and nutritious as for example bread which is the basis of this contains necessary for our organism but preferably consume wholemeal bread as it contains fiber and also makes the glycemic index is lower.

healthy sandwich

You can also add to your sandwich low-fat cheese that while it is necessary not be exceeded because remember that everything in excess can cause problems for your body and therefore for health; the avocado contains very good natural fat to the body because the properties with which account not only provides a benefit for food and nutrition of the body but also aesthetically it has benefits as greater nutrition and softness of the skin so a few good slices of avocado to your sandwich will not fall off bad and will give you a delicious flavor.

In addition to the above ingredients you can add olives and pesto, undoubtedly this breakfast also requires a large amount of protein so the turkey is ideal for this or you can use chicken breast or tuna can even be replaced with a boiled egg which is perfect including the yolk.

Do not forget to include vegetables as these also provide fiber also give us vitamins and antioxidants such as lettuce, onion and tomato; if you include vegetables of various colors in your diet it is much better for it tries to combine well have greater nutritional intake.

In addition to this you can use any kind of sauce but avoid that come prepared with cream and egg yolks.

Really a sandwich has many advantages because it is easy to prepare and inexpensive because the ingredients are very common, if you go for several hours from home you can take it with you to make at the time that want to eat this and not anything what you carry to the mouth are usually junk food or some nutritious.

It’s amazing how a small portion are necessary nutrients for our body to function properly maintaining stable levels and have enough energy to start the day.