Food Tips

Bad foods for flat belly

A flat stomach not only for beauty and is not only to look good. The complications of health that can be generated on having had a swollen abdomen, it may occur from cardiovascular to cholesterol problems and similar, even and it has gone so far as to go on that the same of as they are gives them one for cardiac and go so far as to die. For this reason, it is not only good to see good to have a good self esteem, but also to feel better and have better health, since if it is not thus only we harms ourselves.


Stable glucagon levels
Glucagon is a hormone that serves to burn the fat that accumulates around our waist. To keep it in stable levels, we should avoid eating too much sugar, and this is often the sweets that we eat, soft drinks, sweetened waters etc.

Eliminates salt
It is almost impossible or could be impossible to not consume, because it present in the vast majority of the food that we eat. In addition, the best way to do it is preparing your own food. Salt is a mineral that is considered the main culprit of inflammation and fluid retention. If you can not delete it, change it by natural sea salt, or existing substitutes or you can even use herbs and spices.

Remove soft drinks
Sodas, even the dietetics, allow their gases being trapped in your stomach, that’s why, and it is when also it provokes gases, better drink normal water. Currently, some drinks are marketed without gas with different flavors like:: apple, tangerine and lemon. It is also good to take tea and if it is green the better, some drink it cold with a little lemon juice and sugar (stevia would be recommended).

Decreases sodium
When you buy a packaged food, read labels with nutritional data and checks that no more than 500 milligrams of sodium per portion or 2,300 mg of sodium per day. Some foods are free of sodium, which is the same as the salt will cause swelling in the body.

Prudence in beans
Many times we are not accustomed to eating beans and it is when, we can feel swollen. The same can happen with vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts and cauliflower. Learn to gradually include them in our diet; do not need to delete them, as these have good nutritional properties that will give us many benefits.