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Benefits and properties of pepper: Rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene

The pepper becomes an herbaceous plant that contains a series of small flowers and is native to America, is ideal for example in a natural food, because it can be consumed raw, boiled or roasted.

properties of pepper

For this main reason, the pepper is a very versatile since it can be combined in a variety of healthy food recipes, and becomes an ideal place for a healthy and balanced diet product. In particular there are three varieties of peppers: green, red and yellow, although as a general rule, and indeed regularly, the most widely used are the green pepper and red pepper.

That is why pepper stands out because it has very important benefits and properties for the health of those people who tend to consume it on a regular basis, as we will learn throughout this article.

Benefits and properties of pepper
The pepper stands out for its high content of vitamin C and vitamin B6, which is essential, both for the part of the brain central nervous system itself.

Also it is known for its high content of beta-carotene (which enter the body turns into vitamin A) and vitamin B2 (plus vitamin E). Therefore, it is ideal for preventing the onset of degenerative and chronic diseases.

Specifically, beta-carotene helps prevent cancer, brain hemorrhage, cataracts and heart disease.

Like tomatoes, red peppers have a higher amount of lycopene, which becomes a carotene with anti-cancer properties.