Benefits of avocado consumption

Many people can be who do not know it but the avocado is one of the main nutrients in our meals since it gives us energy and only contains 160 kilocalories for them is very good for sports people, besides being an excellent food for its flavor, it is rich in monounsaturated fats, excellent antioxidant, and you did not know something good avocado is that it helps us to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. But if you want to have a good digestion we recommend eating avocado.

avocado consumption

Avocado is one of the foods that should be present in our meals because it helps us with many diseases such as; prevention of cancer, diabetes, brain disorders, also helps relieve pain.

It simply helps us to get rid of infections or some types of viruses, that are caused by cures or some scars and if we suffer from inflammation helps us to control, many of us suffer from migraine either by stress, and work etc thanks to avocado.

Today many people suffer from cholesterol as they consume too much junk food and the avocado helps control cholesterol while maintaining a low level, all fats containing avocado helps to our organism by reducing LDL cholesterol which is what hurts our body.

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If what you want is a clean and healthy smile, avocado should be consumed as it has compounds that help us eliminate oral cancer cells.

If you are a student we recommend you consume as it is excellent for memory or also if you’re a big old person also recommended a lot for the content of fatty acids, and if you eat it can give you many vitamins like A, C, D, E and B-6 among others.

If you’re a woman you will love avocado consumption as it will help you have a perfect face, we recommend making a mask and let’s include, cucumber, avocado, honey and olive oil, stir all these ingredients and we will not put it in our face and we leave it in a few minutes and later we wash with lukewarm water and see the results.

Want to lose weight? As consume this food, if you’ve heard that avocado fattening because it is just a myth, because the content of their healthful fatty acids helps our metabolism fence faster and help us to control the levels in our blood.

The avocado as you can see is a great food, eat it with moderation.