Benefits of Broccoli

It has been shown that broccoli has great benefits for health and helps when some diseases arise since the sulforaphane is an excellent antioxidant therefore is that it helps when tissues are oxidized as it is the case of cancer.

benefit of broccoli

There have been several investigations in which it is agreed that some components of foods like broccoli or green tea help to strengthen the body’s natural anti-tumor mechanisms and sulforaphane is able to control cancer-related genes.

In 2009 the journal Cancer Prevention Research reported that 48 people infected with helicobacter pylori decreased levels of the bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract by leading a diet for two months eating broccoli.

Another benefit besides is in respiratory infections, since sulforaphane enhance the action of the natural lung cleaning system mainly in people who smoke.

And if that were not enough, broccoli also benefits the heart so it is also conducive to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. A publication of The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showed that the hearts of rodents fed with crops worked much better and especially with broccoli because it stimulates the production of proteins that protect the cells of the heart.

Another benefit of broccoli is its protein called BOP mainly helps the aging mainly from the skin and regenerates it. For all of the above, consumption of broccoli benefits our body and organism through its vitamins, minerals and fiber, so it is important to take into account in our diet.