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Benefits of oregano

Oregano may be that not all know it but it is very good in a matter of digestion and other problems that we’ll be covering here, mainly oregano used in the tea and use it when there is loss of appetite.


In addition the oregano tea is very good for diseases and prevents them such as bronchus and asthma; it also helps to eliminate toxins that contain our body. In case if we did not know oregano is a plant that helps combat insomnia most of us it can have either stress or nerves, also helps combat stress and for women in menstrual periods that are difficult.

A good relief that gives oregano is that for people suffering from rheumatism help them or chronic joint problems, and even a very common problem which are cellulite, also the pain of toothaches and infections that we have.

When we meet with cough, bronchitis, and lung diseases oregano tea can help us much.

If we speak about illnesses they exist typical in all the ages and we talk of respiratory and thanks to oregano can remedy them. For the persons who are very forgetful, making an oregano tea helps them to memory.

Some of the features highlighted are:

  • Better digestion.
  • Excellent anti-inflammatory.
  • Special for cough, colds and flu.
  • Remove menstruation pain.
  • It improves our blood circulation.
  • Disinfects and heals wounds.
  • Excellent fighting against tonsils.

For people sufferings from insomnia are encouraged to take an oregano tea before bedtime so they have a better night’s sleep.

It is important to take into account for women who are pregnant, breast-feeding and children. Also we can include it in our meals but by placing a short amount on which can not embitter your food.