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The incredible benefits of spicy food

How many times have you cut the wings of gastronomic pleasure by telling yourself that “you should not eat so much spicy because it’s bad”? Don’t suffer any more. From now on you have an answer…..

spicy food

Because eating spicy also has benefits

Why is it that something so spicy, and even painful, likes a plate full of chili peppers, we like so much? One possible explanation is that humans love that adrenaline sensation when experiencing risky, new and challenging experiences. But another not so well-known theory is that which talks about the benefits of spicy food and that, even without knowing them, our body looks for them by nature.

It turns out that everything is summarized in capsaicin. She is to blame for almost everything, or to whom she should be thanked. It is a substance that is found mostly in hot peppers or chili, and basically responsible for most of the benefits of spicy. It is who causes that itch in our tongue and esophagus. Yes, to it we owe that taste-pain that occurs in the mouth the spicy, so annoying for some, so addictive for others.

Eating spicy makes you sweat, that’s a fact. It can be uncomfortable, but the reality is that the activation of sweating is precisely the most beneficial thing that has the spicy. We sweat because eating spicy increases body temperature and this increases our metabolism and burn more calories faster. Yes, it seems that eating chilies can lose weight.

This high, accelerates our heart, increasing blood flow. Thus, eating spicy improves circulation and fights inflammation of the arteries, because the content of vitamins A and C helps strengthen the arterial walls. Hence, it is said that spicy helps to reduce cardiovascular diseases.

Vitamin C also has another plus: stimulates endorphins. Hence, the spicy between aphrodisiac foods is also included. Although of course, please get a good mouthwash after eating hot, so do not lower the livid of anyone who accompanies us.

We continue with benefits. Australian researchers also found that spicy consumption helps sleep: people who eat spicy fall asleep more easily and also have a milder awakening and more energy during the day. Includes spicy food at dinner on Sunday night and starts Monday morning with joy and energy for the whole week!

benefits of spicy food

People who eat spicy say that they never catch a cold, or that infections are cured before a good dose. Reasons do not lack. Again thanks to capsaicin, which balances the temperature of the body in case of fever and helps to open the breathing vessels in case of congestion, sinusitis, or any infection related to the respiratory system such as bronchitis or asthma.

Some studies also reveal that capsaicin helps reduce the reproduction of cancer cells in our body.

But capsaicin is not alone. Curcumin, present especially in turmeric (that yellow spice so typical in Indian food) helps prevent arthritis, because it reduces inflammation of the joints and especially helps to alleviate the pain associated with this disease of bone destruction.

But we do not forget something: the stomach. It is what gives us more fear, and it is believed that the consumption of spicy causes ulcers and other problems in the digestive system. The excess of course, and if a problem already exists, eating a lot of spice will aggravate it. But as a lover of the spicy you are, stop fearing: studies claim that the spicy helps in digestion because it increases the secretion of hydrochloric and mucosal in the stomach. Capsaicin also helps to kill certain bacteria, such as the helicobacter pylori, and can control some minor ailments. Of course, very careful for those who have liver or urinary tract problems. Likewise, as in everything, “with moderation”.

And to finish, for our taste, the best benefit of all: it improves the mood. So when you’re ready, forget the ice cream or the chocolate. Put a chili in your mouth and say goodbye to the pain!