Black beans: Properties and benefits

The black beans provide important benefits and nutritional properties, thus becoming a delicious vegetable that are characterized by having an oval appearance and a distinctive glossy black color.

benefits of black beans

Although typically rather most of you think, it is common to confuse the green beans with the referred to as black beans, which differ from the first not only because it an appearance of black color feature (as opposed to the previous ones, which are yellowish-white color), but because it provide a number of different properties.

In fact, black beans come from South America, but today we can find almost everywhere in the world, from United States to Europe, to Asia and even Africa.

As usual, the beans tend to be well known to cause those annoying gases and flatulence. However, if you prepare them raw, the best is to soak dried beans before cooking, which will help reduce sugars.

If you buy them at the grocery store already cooked and packaged, the best option is to wash them thoroughly with water and salt before serving.

Benefits of black beans

  • The black beans are different from the referred to as green beans in that the first have an oval shape and bright black color, turning this way into a type of quite typical vegetable.
  • They are especially rich in fiber, which is ideal not only when it comes to prevent constipation, but also helps in lowering the levels of high cholesterol.
  • They are rich in antioxidants compounds that are called anthocyanins, a few capable flavonoids not only prevent clots, but also cancer.
  • It also emphasizes its high content of folate and as well as in minerals (especially potassium, magnesium and calcium) and vitamins (especially vitamin B1).