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Black garlic: Benefits and Properties

The black garlic is the common garlic undergone a process of natural fermentation and maturation that gives color, texture and flavor that characterizes it. During this process the white garlic is subjected to conditions of temperature, humidity and time needed to reach maturity.

black garlic

At first glance, the shape of the head and the garlic cloves are the same shape as the common garlic. However by looking at it we can see as outside it is somewhat more toasted and to peel the garlic clove will check that it is totally black.

Another difference with the common garlic is that because of the process that is subject not only changes the color also softens to the point that it acquires the texture of pasta and can easily spread on a piece of bread or a piece of cake.

As for the taste it is softer, less intense than the common garlic, something fruity, and is easier to digest, especially for people who often repeat their taste, so it is not indigestible, nor leaves bad breath.

The most important benefits of black garlic
The difference of garlic itself with the black garlic is that the latter increases the antioxidant properties and is a good source of natural proteins. The black garlic not only retains the same medicinal and nutritional properties than common garlic, but exceeds them.

It is widely used since ancient times in Asian cooking, and every time their use is becoming more widespread and known.

It helps strengthen the immune system
In the same way as with the common garlic, black garlic is very useful when it comes to strengthening our immune system in a completely natural, so it becomes an excellent option when we need to strengthen and increase the defenses.

Especially its use is recommended in the autumn and winter and the changing seasons, times of the year when our defenses tend to weaken a little. However, because of its incredible nutritional value it is advisable to consume regularly throughout the year.

Useful to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides
If you have high cholesterol and high levels of triglycerides, the regular consumption of black garlic is appropriate to reduce high levels of fats in the blood, so it is an excellent natural choice when it comes to prevent arteriosclerosis.

Incredible antioxidant benefits
As commented briefly in the previous lines, black garlic stands out because it contains more antioxidants than common garlic. This means it is an excellent food to reduce the action of free radicals, delaying the cell aging and helping to prevent chronic and serious illnesses.

A good natural energizer
Believe it or not, if you need an extra supply of energy: did you know that the black garlic can become your ally, and really help? The truth is that the black garlic is a wonderful natural energizer, useful for athletes and students.

Ally against stress, anxiety and depression
The black garlic is rich in certain essential nutrients useful in case of anxiety, stress and depression, so regular consumption of this food is especially appropriate when suffer any emotional problems, to help fight naturally.

The black garlic can use it to flavor various dishes, to flavor sauces and also to taste it spread on bread, toast.

Nutritional properties of black garlic to consider

  • Very rich in protein: Helps to regenerate and manufacture our tissues.
  • High in Vitamin C: Essential nutrients with recognized antioxidant.
  • High amount of antioxidants: Useful to reduce and neutralize free radicals action, as well as slow cellular aging.

How to eat black garlic
The most advisable is to eat between 1 to 3 black garlic cloves daily, preferably in the morning before breakfast and always away from sleep schedules.

Moreover, in addition to consume raw or cooked may add to biscuits and breads, and eat the same way as if would a paste.