Celery tea and its health benefits

The celery is a very healthy and advisable to take care of our body plant. But celery also has qualities to treat certain conditions, so it can be used as a home remedy.

celery tea

How to make Celery tea

The celery tea is really good for health, it is also very easy to prepare. 1 whole celery and 2 liters of water is needed to make tea of celery. Cut the base of the whole celery, washed and it is placed in the water, boil 30 minutes, then when halved the liquid, remove from heat. Infusion is strained and is ready to be consumed.

This infusion can be taken hot or cold as preferred. Several cups a day can be taken.

Health benefits of celery tea

The health benefits of celery tea are:

benefits of celery tea

  • Helps to lose weight
  • It favors the elimination of fluid due to its diuretic effect
  • Help to control levels of cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Help to purify the body
  • It provides fiber to the body by allowing you to have a greater feeling of satiety.

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How to drink celery tea to lose weight

To lose weight with the help of celery tea, it is best to drink 1 cup on an empty stomach, that is, before you start eating breakfast.

In this way, its satiating effects will take effect and reduce your appetite, thus managing to eat less during the day. The leftover infusion can be taken before the other main meals, such as lunch and dinner. Drink it hot or cold, whichever you like best.

Being a very cleansing and detoxifying drink, the ideal is to drink it for 2 weeks in a row and, then, take two weeks off before consuming it again. It is important that you combine the consumption of celery tea with a diet low in calories and fat and some physical exercise.


People with intestinal disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, digestive inflammation or diverticulitis can not eat raw celery because it creates discomfort. But if they consume it in infusion may tolerate it well without adverse effects.

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