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Chestnut milk: Benefits and properties

Chestnuts, a delicious dried fruit that appear with the cold and which are so appetizing consumed alone and raw, in the form of marron glace or roasted on a rainy day and accompanied with warm tea, a hot chocolate or coffee. Even without mentioning the pleasure that go with the family to the countryside and have a good time while we seek and take.

chestnut milk

The truth is that if we talk about the various benefits of chestnuts, actually we realize its incredible nutritional properties. These are an extremely healthy food undoubtedly, especially rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fiber.

For this reason they are interesting in case of constipation or diets for its satiating power. They also provide interesting vitamins and minerals, among which we can mention B vitamins and potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus.

Regarding the vegetable milk, although it is true that they are best known drinks of vegetable origin such as soy milk, the rice milk or oat milk: did you know that also from the chestnuts can be a wonderful vegetable drink?

Benefits of chestnut milk

Although its correct name would be actually chestnut drink, or chestnut vegetable drink, the truth is that chestnut milk is a very healthy drink, as well as other beverages from natural and vegetable as it is the case of the pistachio, rice, sesame, soy or oatmeal.

As its name suggests, it is obtained from cooking and pressing chestnuts, but to be an easily digestible drink is fundamental and essential that chestnuts are cooked very well. Once this point we comply with chestnuts drink will become a digestive drink.

But what are the properties of chestnut milk and why it becomes such an interesting vegetable drink? We disclose it below:

Antioxidant action: Thanks to its supply of vitamin C, a virtue or quality not so well known of the chestnuts and particularly of the chestnuts milk, usually attributed to orange juice.

Immunologic effect: Precisely because of its contribution in vitamin C is an especially interesting when vegetable drink boost the immune system, being very appropriate at the same time to increase defenses.

Ideal for athletes, children and the elderly: Thanks especially to become an interesting source of energy. For this virtue is also interesting for all those people who need a contribution of extra energy, either because they are tired physically and mentally.

Good in case of hypertension: For those suffering from high blood pressure, chestnut milk becomes a useful drink, thanks to the contribution of potassium, a mineral that helps in regulating blood pressure.

Good for the heart and arteries: Thanks to its contribution in unsaturated fatty acids, both monounsaturated (oleic fatty acid) and polyunsaturated (linoleic acid).

Very rich in insoluble fiber: It is interesting in combating constipation. And thanks to this quality also helps prevent colon cancer.

In short, it is a highly recommended from one standpoint of both nutritional and healthy drink, but the fact is that it can be easily found on the shelves of herbalists, markets and supermarkets. For this reason it is useful and instructive to know how to prepare it.