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Chocolate, an ally of the heart

Chocolate is an ally of the heart. A study published by the prestigious magazine “The British Medical Journal” has shown the benefits that consumption of black chocolate and specifically cocoa, provide the body.

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Chocolate health benefits
The main benefits are the reduction in 37% of the risk of cardiovascular infarction or angina pectoris, and almost 30 % of suffering cerebrovascular accidents as the store or heart attacks.

Why chocolate is an ally of the heart?
Mainly because the cocoa has a high content of flavonoids, antioxidants substances that improve blood pressure controlling arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The consumption of chocolate with nuts has a greater beneficial effect because it power by polyunsaturated fat – good fats that fight the cholesterol – involving nuts.

Chocolate Calories
There is only one catch in the consumption of chocolate and its high calorific value.

A chocolate of 70 grams can easily have 300 calories. For this reason recommend controlled consumption. As much as 1 ounce of black chocolate per day.

Better to take black chocolate than milk chocolate, since the latter one loses much of its benefits in its making and milk, although it is also beneficial to health, does not present polyunsaturated fats.

If we do not take a little any more of chocolate of the recommended one either it is necessary to get depressed, its caloric effects are canceled if we practice any kind of physical exercise and its contribution of energy gives us great joy.

Also known are the effects of chocolate on the brain. When we take we feel a sense of well being, this is due to the amount of serotonin that is released in the brain while we eat. The causes of the release of serotonin are theobromine, caffeine and theophylline, substances that owns the chocolate and stimulate our nervous system.

In any case, despite the fattening chocolate, recommend its moderate-consumption-because it is good and above all, delicious.