Currants, a fruit that can not miss in your diet

Today I want to tell you of a fruit that, besides having a pleasant taste to the palate, has some properties that make it unique with respect to the other: the currant.


This fruit is considered by many doctors and nutritionists as a miracle and one of the “superfoods” that must remain in our diets throughout the year due to huge amount of vitamins, among other things.

Low Calorie
If fruits are usually characterized by a very low content of calories, currants even further, since it is within the fruit of this has fewer carbohydrates. So it is ideal to incorporate in weight loss diets.

Help burn fat
Currant has some pectins that help our body to burn fat more quickly, as mentioned pectins are capable of binding to fat and promote its elimination. There are more foods with these properties, of which I will discuss in another article later.

Currants, excellent workhorse against cholesterol
Related to the previous point is this: do not forget that cholesterol is a special type of fatty acid, so that the currants are good to help us regulate our cholesterol. This fabulous fruit helps eliminate with the stool great part of the cholesterol in our body, to drastically reduce their levels if taken for prolonged periods of time.

Good against cancer
Many studies have been done on this issue and the conclusion in all of them is that people who habitually take some food, among which are included currants, are less likely to develop cancer, since these fruit pectins help inhibit a protein that would be responsible for disseminating certain types of cancer for our body.

Against hyperglycemia
If you suffer from hyperglycemia, that is, low glucose tolerance, you should not forget to include currants in your diet. Besides containing few carbohydrates (which in the fruit are often represented in the form of sugar) it has properties that help regulate the level of glucose absorption, which causes blood sugar levels do not change as fast as usual, something formidable if you don’t have tolerance to glucose.

Currant against diarrhea
As mentioned, the currant has the property that slows the intestinal transit, which comes in handy if you have diarrhea.