Healthy Diet

DO you know about protein diet?

Talking about protein diets, people think that it may be meat regularly, but it is best known for liquefied diet, a lot of people know it by that name. We will disclose several stories or myths about these diets.

protein diet

This type of diets is low in carbohydrates and provides the exact amount of protein through the ketogenic effect occurs, that only our body needs. It means that we are leaving the body without sufficient carbohydrates and, thus, we use fat as a source of energy reserves, promoting weight loss, which is thus how we can harness the benefits of a diet.

Myths about these types of diets

If you make this kind of diets properly, with the right physician side effects cannot happen to you. Since it is designed to prevent complications and is supplemented with vitamins and minerals.

Fast weight loss
When you get to lose weight very quickly, it is because in addition to the diet you have great force of will to follow it to the letter, and this requires a compress of yourself so that you can achieve it.

Rebound exists
It is very common when it comes to dieting and it is when you do it accurately, it is when you get into trouble, since you’re kind of food was very different and what you do in the diet is a change in food. When you have accomplished your goal you feel satisfied but the big problem is when you start to re-take your food routine before you did, that’s when the rebound comes back to change because less nutritional food.