Nutritious Foods

Do you know what foods benefit our body?

There is good reason that when we make a diet is not just the food we eat and of course the amount or level of exercise we do to achieve it. Otherwise there are foods that help us or give us a great benefit to our body.

foods benefit our body

When we speak of garlic as a food, not many of us wadding for its taste, but what we don’t know are the benefits that this food gives us, helps the circulatory system and the people who have very high cholesterol, most however must be careful as consume it since it is not good to do it on an empty stomach, because it is acidic and people suffering from gastritis helps it, it is better to eat this food after eating something.

Other food that we benefit our body are the vitamin C found in citrus fruits, and are recommended for use when times are cold because they protect our respiratory system helping to strengthen our defenses.

A vegetable that is rich the so-called saplings are broccoli, as main food is take care of our digestive system and keep it operating properly, also gives us a very big benefit is the prevention of fears and diseases such as diabetes.

When we speak of fruit there are many but not all contain the same benefits and properties, so we’ll talk about a fruit that is very delicious at first and already most of us has tried it, the apple as food helps diabetes, also helps to detoxify our liver among other benefits which flange us a rich Apple.

There are other foods that not many consume them are nuts because they can help us not be eating all the time are used as snack, such as; walnuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower, pistachios among others.

If we speak of food is very important when it comes to cooking them since we can do it with oil or steam and in this case talk about olive oil for food, the benefits it provides is oleic acid, vitamin E, helps us increase our good cholesterol but also helps us to have an excellent performance in our digestive system along with other parts of our body.

The benefits that give us these foods might not know them but thanks to them our body will function better, we hope to serve them and take them into account.