Chocolate & Ice Cream

Does eating chocolate every day is good for health?

Surely you are lover of chocolate, an authentic – and unique – gastronomic pleasure which is composed of the sugar mixture with two components exclusively from the cocoa bean: cocoa paste (solids) and cocoa butter (fat matter).

eating chocolate every day

Thanks to this mixture, and of course depending on the form of preparation and different ingredients that can be included during the manufacturing process, we can now enjoy a wide variety of chocolates.

While it is true that many people prefer to opt for the classic: black chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. If you love chocolate, surely at some point you will have done the following question: Does Eating chocolate is healthy, and suitable for health?

Is it safe to eat chocolate every day?
Before answering this query, we must pay special attention about the different benefits of chocolate:

  • It provides substances such as flavonoids, which help to take care of our heart, and ideal for the prevention of both heart attacks and strokes. In addition, lower blood pressure.
  • Improves our mood, helping positively with depression.
  • Enhances libido, especially in women.
  • It helps to control blood sugar, due to its low glycemic index (if you opt for black chocolate).

At this point, it is clear that eating chocolate, provided that it is not contraindicated, is suitable for our health and for our nutrition and diet.

However, we must differentiate what chocolate most recommended from a health point of view; stands out above the black chocolate, because we are faced with a type of chocolate a lot purer than the other two varieties (milk chocolate or white chocolate).

Regarding the amount of chocolate that we could eat every day, it is best to opt for 25 grams of dark chocolate, which will give us its different benefits and nutritional properties, while their calorie content can be counterproductive for our weight.