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Why should you drink more hot chocolate?

The science continues its investigations and brings good news to all lovers of hot chocolate. It turns out that this magnificent beverage not only comforts the heart, but actually contributes to your health. The most recent research even catalogs it as one of the most beneficial drinks at the cardiac level even above red wine and tea…

drink hot chocolate

A wonderful antioxidant

A group of researchers from Cornell University found that the concentration of antioxidants in a cup of hot chocolate is double that of a glass of red wine. Their studies also showed that it is 3 times better than green tea and 5 times more effective than black tea. But the fact that it is cocoa is not the only influencing factor: that it is hot also helps the heart. Apparently, when chocolate is hot, cocoa provides even more antioxidant properties. Foods that have antioxidants have a positive impact on our entire body and, of course, also on our hearts.

Numerous benefits

The antioxidant effect is not the only advantage of consuming this exquisite beverage. According to recent studies, one cup of hot chocolate has 611 milligrams of gallic acid, a compound used to treat diabetes, kidney problems and internal bleeding.

Flavanols and its benefits

Two other studies published by the American Aging Association and the British Journal of Nutrition reveal that people who consume cocoa in their diet benefit not only from the magnificent taste of this food but also from flavanols. Flavanols stimulate and enhance cardiac functions and may even help to decrease the effects of aging of the heart and arteries. These investigations also indicate that ingesting flavanols on a regular basis reduces the risk of heart disease.

hot chocolate

Not so rapidly

Before taking several cups of hot chocolate per day pause to reflect on this. The chocolate bars that are used in general to immerse in submarines contain saturated fats that produce harmful effects on your body. It also does not help that you go to the nearest Starbucks and buy a glass of this drink especially for the amount of sugar that it have. In any case, opt for making your next cup of black chocolate with no added sugars. Remember also that it is advisable to take it with skim milk.

Did you imagine that hot chocolate could be so beneficial for your body? As you can see, the benefits of this drink are unexpected but very numerous. Just make sure you consume the right chocolate and incorporate the milk that contains the least amount of fat possible. You can try, for example, with almond or coconut milk.