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Easily changing our eating habits

For years we have based our attempts to lose weight on factors such as diet, deprivation of food considered unhealthy, the idea of willpower and the need to exercise, but they are wrong and unsustainable strategies as the basis of all healthy life is to change habits.

changing eating habits

What are we doing wrong?

Conceptualize this effort as a “diet”, understood as a period in which we will leave to eat things that we like to force us to eat others that we consider healthier but usually devoid of flavor.

Rely on the idea that success for a healthier life is in our self-control. Self-control is like a muscle it gets tired of using so much, that’s why it is an untenable state that exhausts us completely.

Perform physical activity for the sole purpose of losing weight. We are again forcing us to have a behavior that we don’t like.

The suppression of thoughts. When we try to consciously stop thinking about something, it becomes the only thing on our minds. So force us to stop thinking about that piece of pizza that we crave only serve to cause us a greater anxiety.

What should we do?

In many ways repeated us the idea that losing weight and being healthy is very easy, that we have to do is simple, eat less and exercise more, because while we consume fewer calories that we consume, we will remain slim forever.

This is a totally wrong idea as complex human beings, each objective or goal involving a change within ourselves, demands a sometimes very slow process, requiring patience and a good strategy.

First, we must understand that we have an alternative to all those difficulties and obstacles that prevent us from achieving our goals of weight loss and healthy living.

  • Change your preferences and eating habits, replacing unhealthy choices for healthy food, but pointing to things that we like, the idea is not bound nor deprived of what we like, but choose foods that we like, but which are healthier.
  • Get your environment work for you and not against you. Eliminate unhealthy choices in your cupboard (junk food, sweets, soft drinks, candy) and replace them with better food. We need to have healthy foods in our house become Plan A and also Plan B.
  • Do not rely on your willpower. Having to be all the time controlling what we eat, what we think and how we behave in relation to food can be stressful, so take this factor in the equation. Remove from your home unhealthy choices.
  • Identifies what are the foods that cause us more anxiety and are triggers of these attacks in which we eat non-stop, these will be the first to be out of home. Leave them for special occasions.
  • Do not think of diet and exercise, as if they were a punishment or something negative, make choices in order to get healthy and improve our life and if that results in a loss of weight as much better.