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Eat fruit with or without skin?

Is it appropriate to eat the fruit with or without skin? At certain times taking the fruit with skin is highly recommended, but we must know when it is. Find out more in this article.

eat fruit with or without skin

There is no doubt that fruit becomes an extremely healthy food, not only because of the different benefits and properties it provides, but also because of its very interesting nutritional richness: it is very rich in vitamins and minerals, water and also provides fiber.

Among its vitamins these contribute mainly vitamin C and provitamin A, whereas among the minerals it emphasizes especially its content in potassium and magnesium.

Its help to purify our organism thanks precisely to its great content in water and fiber, qualities that give it a diuretic and purifying virtue. While, because of its fiber content, it helps to provide satiety and help in a positive way in case of constipation.

When it comes to eating the fruit, it is true that there are many people who at some point have had doubts about how and when to take the fruit. And, precisely, one of these questions is related to a fundamental: should we eat the fruit with or without skin?

In the majority of cases, the main recommendation is to eat the fruit with skin, since its essential nutrients (especially vitamins) are concentrated not only in its inside but also on its skin. Of course, this possibility depends on the fruit, being suitable in the case of soft-skinned fruits such as apple or pear, but not with oranges or kiwi.

However, if we choose to eat fruit with skin it is advisable that the fruit has been grown biologically, which will ensure that only natural fungicides and pesticides have been used, and its consumption – therefore – is extremely safe.

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You can find it in specialized dietetic stores, naturist stores and in markets. In supermarkets and large stores the most common is that do not comply with this quality.

And if you have doubts about the origin of the fruit, the main recommendation is to eat it after removing its skin, since the wash does not eliminate completely the residues of insecticides, fungicides and pesticides.

In any case, it is always best to brush the fruit well and wash well before consumption, regardless of whether you go to eat it with or without skin.