Eat more salads

When we were children many of our parents or grandparents were not taught to eat lots of vegetables to be healthy and also told us that it was to grow healthy and strong, and is very true because the salads are very healthy foods and we had to include in each meal or dinner but recommended we do this not so cooked but on average so that its flavor and benefits are not lost.

benefits of salads

Today there are many children who do not like at all a rich salad prefer things in three minutes to eat and which also take months to digest, also are not nothing healthy or nutritious.

It is very important to include salads, mainly because they are very simple to make but that if with a high content of water and essential nutrients for our body, also just a salad can help to satisfy the hunger we have and that yes, if we thirst helps us thanks to its content of the water that helps us to keep us hydrated.

As we mentioned at the top of one of the main benefits of salads is giving us is that the salad is composed of 90% water, benefiting our organism.

Also contain many vitamins since the salad is a vegetable filled with life, it is also rich in vitamins that help us mainly in our nervous system to improve its performance.

Thanks to the benefits of salads our body can be found in cleansing phase in other words helps detoxify us naturally because the best thing is that it does not contain salt and therefore does not contain sodium that harms our body.

Simply eating salads is take care of our body, but not by that we mean to stop eating salads and just be with all the time, we can include it in our diet or our daily food, depends on the types of salads that are prepared are the benefits that we are going to get from it, can accept the properties such as vitamin A, C these help us to improve our skin collagen, helping us to generate more.

Something very important to containing salads is that they are rich in fiber and as a result we will have an excellent digestion within our organism, as well as dinner time comes and if we prepare a rich salad our body well will receive it very since it is not reloaded food and our stomach not ignite it and avoid constipation.