Endive: Properties and benefits

The raw endive is certainly a perfect plant for the production of delicious salads, especially thanks to its light resemblance to the lettuce. In fact, as with lettuce, endive leaves tend to fade easily, so it is best to paint them with a little bit of lemon juice.


Its flavor certainly stands out as a bitter taste, which is why when it is prepared in salads as recommended either accompany other more sweet foods, such as fruits. With its root, for example, can develop a beneficial decoction, that even when it has been previously dried and toast can become an excellent substitute for coffee (as happens with chicory).

If you love the Endive, as if you want to start adding it to your dishes, know the properties of the Endive is interesting from a nutritional point of view, because it is highly beneficial to our health and recommended in our vegetable diet.

Benefits of Endive
As in the case with white buds of lettuce, endive becomes an ideal place to include delicious, light, nutritious food salads, bringing a light-and curiously bitter taste. It is noteworthy that this flavor will depend directly on whether during its growth has been protected or not of the sun, since to more sun, more bitter it will be.

But as it happens with the artichoke, precisely to that bitter taste we owe most of the properties found in the raw endive (the lactucin and coumarin). Both are substances with anti-inflammatory action, so it is an ideal food to relieve the symptoms of diseases such as arthritis and gout.

It is a vegetable that is recommended for people with diabetes, because it helps regulate blood sugar levels, while being able to reduce the levels of high cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

It is rich in fiber, so its consumption is interesting not only against constipation, but to stimulate the health of the intestine because it exerts a prebiotic action in our digestive system.

In addition, it is a food recommended during autumn and winter, because it helps to increase the defenses to strengthen the immune system.