Chocolate & Ice Cream

Enjoy the pleasure of eating chocolate

If you want to be one of the people with a strong heart you should eat chocolate, it is very rare that the people not like chocolate, it is a food that has an irresistible flavor, did you know that? The chocolate releases endorphins that make we are very happy all the time, the role of chocolate is not just get happy, but also that our heart be healthy and strong.

pleasure of eating chocolate

According to investigations that are cast chocolate is a remedy against stress and depression, among others factors.

But be careful because we do not eat all kind of chocolate that crossed us, the black chocolate is right for our cardiovascular health, and experts say that people who eat chocolate not only helps them to certain parts of their body but they have also found that it even better with the heart.

By if not you know chocolate is so good that it helps prevent cerebrovascular disease, a Swedish study conducted that women who ate chocolate at least 20 ounces a week have a 20% lower risk of stroke. In our body we have good and bad cholesterol, chocolate is considered one of the foods that help lower cholesterol.

Apart from being one of the delicious foods chocolate helps us to improve our vision as well as the carrot, tests done to check our seniors view is remarkably improved.

The mood is very important for us because otherwise we will always be very sad and things do not go well for us. The chocolate is very good but like all foods should be eaten but with measure.