Examples of foods between healthy meals

Eating between meals is something we do almost all, some healthier than others. And to make a meal between meals or “healthy snacks” is important to achieve our goals, whether weight loss or to maintain our cholesterol levels low or even if we are diabetic, so that’s why we put a few examples of snacks or meals between healthy meals:

foods between healthy meals

Two kiwis
If you are someone who struggle to eat fruit you may find it heavy take this food, but eat a couple of kiwis as lunch or as a snack, or simply when you go a little hungry between meals is very healthy for two reasons:

  • The kiwi has high fiber content, a feature that makes it a quite filling food. Moreover, thanks to the fiber improves our intestinal transit.
  • Kiwis are one of the richest fruits in vitamin C, which provide us with energy and vitality, so these are ideal to take in the morning.

A handful nuts
Nuts are rich in protein and healthy fats, so eating between meals gives us a lot of energy without adding unnecessary calories. This is so long as it is consumed in moderation, of course. The most healthy dry fruits to eat between meals are walnuts, hazelnuts or cashews, and eat a handful that’s enough, no more. Ideal for cholesterol thanks to its unsaturated fats, which help eliminate bad cholesterol.

A glass of skim milk or yogurt
This is ideal because they are rich in proteins. Also, if the milk is low in lactose, it’s the better. A characteristic of dairy products are proteins that contain slow absorption, which gives us energy steadily and satiety. This “snack” is ideal if you want to lose weight, and we will provide only nutrients with high biological value.

A banana or an apple
The banana is ideal for eating between meals whenever we need an extra supply of energy for any reason, since it is one of the fruits that greater caloric intake have (this does not mean you should avoid bananas if you want to lose weight, since there is much worse food).

The apple has less calories, so it is also very good food if you are following a weight loss diet. Other fruits such as melon, watermelon and pear are also very good, because they have high water content and very few calories.