Fast foods


In this article we will speak about the fast food, one of the greatest enemies we have when we have at the time of weight loss. Who is able to resist going to a fast food establishment, such as McDonald’s, from time to time?

I think nobody is without sin here, so let’s give you some tips for when you go to a fast food establishment does not suffer the most terrible consequences.

fast food establishment

Learn to ask

Usually when we go to a fast food place, we ask what more we want, as is logical. However, making small changes in order, we can get cut calories we take in up to 50%:

  • If you go to a burger tries to ask for any that do not have many sauces and, above all, having little bread: for example the Big Mac is a bad choice. A good option is a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles… such as a Whopper from Burger King.
  • Priority given to main courses rather than complements: undoubtedly the worst thing to do in a fast-food order all kinds of chips, such as potatoes, onion rings, fried cheese sticks… gives priority to a good burger before that.
  • Beware drink: a drink of fast food places is not like you buy at the supermarket. It has much more sugar, so make sure always, to ask for water or diet drinks at least.
  • Avoid large or giant menus, the only thing that enlarge kcal is what most have: potatoes and drink.

For example, a good order at Burger King would be a menu normal Whopper, possibly substituting potatoes for a few chicken nuggets, and accompanying it with a caesar salad, which is not bad. A bit worse would be the same menu with the potatoes and the nuggets as a complement.

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The speed at which you eat

Typically, in fast food there are a number of circumstances which, as its name suggests, encourage us to eat everything fast. This is a terrible mistake because to eat quickly, among other things, we eat more kcal.

The dessert

Surely dessert may be the most harmful to our weight loss diet element. Desserts often include large amounts of sugars, plus give us many kcal, alter our dream if we take them for dinner and just leave us feeling full, which will take us to eat again soon.

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