Fats and Fatty Acids

Food bad for digestion

There are certain foods that hinder digestion, either because they are too acidic and cause irritation, or because their way of cooking is not adequate. Learn what the negatives for your digestive system are.

fried foods

When it comes to good digestion, it is necessary not only to choose digestive foods that help really positive in improving our natural digestion way; it is also necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoiding some products that harm our stomach and produce flatulence (such as alcohol), and in turn always try to eat calmly, without haste.

It is very common, today, let’s always running from one place to another, so that such haste and such eagerness to arrive before all tend to pass on to our way of eating. In this way, it is common to breakfast fast with little time to enjoy what we are eating, or not eat breakfast, take a lunch instead of lasting at least 15 minutes lasts only 5, and do not even talk about the food.

It can also be common indigestion has been caused by the consumption of foods that are bad for the digestion. We indicate which ones hinder it:

Citrus drinks
Although healthy due to its richness in vitamin C, the fact is that too acidic drinks can irritate the esophagus, causing the onset of heartburn.

Although acid reflux is normal, when we choose to consume highly acidic drinks, this additional acid can cause digestive problems and affect digestion if for example we take on an empty stomach.

In this sense, if we choose to eat breakfast a glass of orange or lemon juice, the best thing is to never do it on an empty stomach without earlier having eaten anything.

Excessively spicy foods
Those very spicy foods with strong spices to our stomach such as paprika may irritate the lining of the esophagus.

Therefore, if suffering from indigestion or have a weak stomach, it is best to opt for other more mild spices.

Beware of fried foods
Precisely by presenting a high fat content, it is very common to not only cause indigestion, but also some stomach problems.

In fact, often especially harm people with intestinal inflammation may provoke other associated symptoms, such as diarrhea.