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Foods rich in Vitamin C that can not miss in your diet

Surely you’ve heard that taking foods rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, it is essential to keep completely healthy, and it’s true. So here we recommend a series of foods that will help you make all the vitamin C you need throughout the day while you get tired of them.

vitamin c foods

Maybe until now only you may know a few foods rich in vitamin C and therefore cost you take enough (do you feel tired at times throughout the day? This may be one of the causes), but with that we are going to tell you here you will have menus in abundance to change your diet and to obtain the vitamin C that your body needs without taking any extra multivitamin.

Fruits rich in vitamin C
Probably these already know them, but certainly not all, and there are some really interesting and that are almost sure you’ve never tried. The most famous fruits containing high amounts of vitamin C are the Orange, lemon and kiwi, especially the latter.

But, did you know that fruits like raspberries, the guayabas, and in particular the currants have vast amounts of vitamin C? And not to mention that are very good.

Vegetables high in vitamin C
These if you do not like the food a little bitter perhaps costing you more add to your diet, but spinach, brussels sprouts and broccoli (which incidentally has many beneficial properties in addition to this) are some of the vegetables that if you include in your diet will be putting your body vitamin C through a tube.

Liver, meat rich in almost all kinds of nutrients
The liver is the organ within the animal where they are digested and separated most nutrients, which is why the liver of any animal is rich in many things: protein, vitamins … but beware, too fat. Of course it is also rich in vitamin C; in fact it is one of the best foods in this regard since it contains more than 150mg of this per 100g.

There are more foods with vitamin C, such as nuts, sausages, chicken and duck, or legumes, but not as much as previously mentioned, so keep that in mind when deciding which foods are going to take to eat the amount of vitamin C that your body needs.

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