Healthy Diet

Foods that are ruining your diet and efforts

Many times we have all the will of dieting and put all our effort into eating healthier but we don’t see the results that we want. Losing weight is not easy, but it is not impossible.

diet and efforts

There are some foods that may seem healthy and we eat them with joy, but really they are sabotaging our diet without that we realize. Take them into account and moderate their consumption to actually see the results…..

Fruit juice

Although it is natural, fruit juice is dangerous because it contains too much sugar and that ultimately gain weight.

If going to consume juice, try taking only a glass and do not do very often. Better eat the whole fruit because it contains the same people are enriched by your juice and also provides fiber.

If you sometimes take fruit juice because it is more practical and you’re taking in the car or somewhere where you can not get your hands dirty, get better a smoothie of fruits and vegetables.

The difference is that fruit juice is literally just the juice, in the smoothie liquefies the fruit and vegetables and whole fills and nurtures more.

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Whole grains or whole wheat bread

Even if you think they are super nutritious, you should not exceed consumption. The important thing is to be able to control oneself and to bear in mind that to change your pasta refined by integral pasta is not going to do that went down weight magically; you should also reduce their consumption and prefer vegetables instead of grains.

Note: We are not saying that you prefer the white bread instead of whole-grain bread, if you’re already eating it and you have the option, always choose comprehensive.

Vegetable oils

Use vegetable oils such dressings are very healthy, but if you want to use for cooking, may not be the best idea. Better cook with coconut oil and leaves of olive, canola and other oils for use away from the fire. The heat can convert these oils on trans fats that are very harmful to our health.