Nutritious Foods

Foods that we should consume to combat fatigue

The fatigue or physical fatigue is the way that the body alert us to any deficiencies, need we stop or need more fuel to have sufficient performance to meet the day’s activities. Here the amount of food is not as important as the quality of food we consume.

consume to combat fatigue

The food that we consume every day helps the body to work properly, but what they should look for when choosing food that suits us and our activities? The three purposes of food are nutrition, control blood sugar and control of food allergies that can cause fatigue.

Eat breakfast!
First we must consider the absolute importance of breakfast as the main meal of the day. Many people skip breakfast because of time or neglect and underestimate their need. A balanced breakfast containing a portion of each of the food groups is the basis for a day full of energy.

In this case we must take into account that at that meal must avoid acidic foods such as tomatoes, fried and if we decide to eat fruit, we must wait at least an hour to take a complex carbohydrate or protein, since the combination of the two can slow digestion.

Nutritious foods
Protein: It has been shown that protein intake prevents depression, stress and promotes better physical condition, most lucidity, thanks to the amino acids that contain. So it’s important to eat at every meal a piece of chicken, meat, fish, eggs or beans if it is a vegetarian.

The Carbohydrate: Many carbohydrate intake associated with weight gain, but instead these foods are the major power generators in the world, especially the complex that must be consumed in the early hours of the morning.

Food containing iron: Fatigue often associated with iron deficiency. The best source of this nutrient is found in red meat, but if you do not like eating them, can substitute beans, citrus fruits rich in vitamin C and red foods such as radish or tomato.

Vitamin C: These enhance the body’s immune system, it helps to better absorb iron, and prevent infections. It is obtained from citrus fruits and vegetables like broccoli.

Vitamins such as magnesium, potassium and beta-carotene: The deficiency of these can cause chronic fatigue, so we should consume daily foods such as spinach, carrots, avocados, nuts.

Most important to prevent fatigue is to have a balanced diet that includes the largest amount of natural foods, each dish must have at least one portion of each food group and also be as colorful as possible, add the greens, reds, yellows to your meals and in a short time you will have much more energy.

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