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Foods with more satiety index to lose weight

One of the secrets to lose weight more easily and eat fewer calories is to consume foods which, besides containing low in calories, carbohydrates and fats, we satisfy to eat less. In this sense we can recommend a few foods with a good satiety index so that our stomach asks fewer amount of food:

satiety index to lose weight

Foods with more satiety index

Below we describe some foods with high satiety index to lose weight….


The potato is one of the foods with more satiety index that exists and, despite the popular belief that potatoes are fattening much, if they are cooked or baked rather than fried are a very healthy food.

Besides containing far fewer carbohydrates than rice, for example, only it contains fat if they are not added oil and have good amounts of vitamins and minerals. If we add to its satiating effect, potato should not miss in our diet to lose weight.

You also may check some foods that contain healthy fats…..


The banana is one of the foods with satiety index exists, so prioritize this fruit for dessert at lunch or breakfast helps a lot to take in fewer calories when we want to lose weight. Again there is the belief that bananas fattening, when all is well. It also has large amounts of potassium, which helps to eliminate liquids, and provides instant energy, so it is ideal for the breakfast.


Vegetables have a high satiety index, mainly due to its low calorie content. In addition, vegetables such as artichokes or broccoli are those that have more capacity to satisfy our hunger and have amazing properties, vitamins and minerals.


Legumes, due to its high fiber content, make us feel that we are filled with much fewer calories that, for example, consuming any type of frying with lots of fat.

Moreover, in general the whole foods should be a priority in our diet as they have more satiety index than refined and this will help us to lose weight.