Fruits with low sugar

The fruits have high nutritional content which is recommended in most diets, but not all should eat more often because they contain higher levels of sugar and they can raise the insulin hormone that controls fat storage.

low sugar fruits

By the above, it doesn’t mean that you should stop eating fruit on the other hand if we had to eat them by the benefits provided to our body as they contain fiber and antioxidants. There are some fruits that are extremely low in sugar so they are ideal for people with diabetes or problems of sugar in the blood and not only them but generally all we want to take care to enjoy a better quality of life.

The berries are highly recommended as they have a high antioxidant capacity but a low glycemic index, which makes them the perfect fruit to consume in a normal diet can be found in strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and cherries.

On the other hand apples and pears are not so rich in fiber and contain low levels of sugar are a good choice for inclusion as carbohydrates that will not harm our body on the contrary it is of the most healthy carbohydrates that we consume, in addition to consuming apples help to have better digestion.

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The figs are also within the fruits that have less sugar than others, have a very similar amount of sugar to strawberries and a low glycemic index so we can consume them frequently.

Cucumbers and grapefruits are also recommended that similarly are low in sugar but contain many nutrients that benefit our body, grapefruits are much lower than other fruits approximately 100 gram serving of grapefruit containing 6.6 grams of sugar making it a perfect fruit and when we want to lose weight are fruits that are recommended to burn more fat.

Contrary to the above, fruits that we must consume less or less frequently are bananas because they contain lots of sugar especially when mature because its starch is converted to sugar, just as papaya and mango should consumed very occasionally but not daily, the pineapple and the orange are citric with great nutritional contribution that should not always be consumed in our diet since they are also the fruits with a high level of sugar.

The fruits are delicious and have many benefits why we include them in our diet but learn and be careful be frequently consuming wrong fruits, undoubtedly they are the most natural and healthy form that we can take in account for our feeding everything it depends on how we carry out it and how much we’re consuming.