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Honey and Orange: Two very healthy foods

Today we tell you about some foods that are very useful and practically include every day in diet because of their properties not only food, but for the benefits they bring to our body and its functions: the orange and the honey.

honey and orange

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Honey has many uses and properties that perhaps you do not know. The most typical is its ability to help alleviate the symptoms of sore throat: combining it with a little warm water and gargling with it in the mouth relieves and many symptoms of flu.

In addition, it is also a good food against stomach ulcers or other part of our digestive system, since it is a very soft food.

Other less well known property of honey is its ability to make us sleep: a tablespoon of about 10 grams of honey before going to bed is enough to have a sleep. Do not be scared which is a food rich in carbohydrates, since 10 grams of honey just give us 30 kcal, a negligible figure.

And last but not least is a food rich in different minerals and trace elements that improve our circulation and heart.

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The Orange

Oranges are known to give us a good amount of vitamin C. Although it is not nearly the best food for this, it is true that it can help us if we lack of this vitamin. In addition, like all citrus fruits, oranges are very good against many diseases as varied as a simple cold up to heal the wounds in the mouth that are so annoying sometimes.

Another excellent property of the orange is that has very few calories. 225 grams of orange, which is still a somewhat large orange, just give us 50 kcal, so your satiety index is very high and can help you lose weight.

And perhaps the least known property is that orange is a great digestive. For those who suffer from constipation, have a natural orange juice alone will make you go to the bathroom a lot better and feel lighter.