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Horse meat: An excellent food

Today, and making use of the whole aftereffect that is having lately the horse meat with the matter of which there are places where they sell it saying that it is cow, let’s tell the properties that have horse meat, which by the way are not badly at all.

horse meat

Horse meat has high nutritional value for human beings: it provides plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals, and gives us all without many fats such as beef. Moreover, it is a meat that has plenty of fiber compared to the others.

The horse meat is characterized by a low calorie meat compared to beef or pork, because it contains much less fat than these. Moreover, it is a good source of protein, containing 20 grams per 100, a figure that is not bad.

Moreover, as we said, it is very rich in minerals such as sodium, and contains enough iron and much calcium. In terms of vitamins stands out for its high content of vitamin A, B3 and B12.

Horse meat against cholesterol and anemia
Due to these properties, horse meat can be an excellent food to fight cholesterol because it just has barely fats and yet contains fiber, which helps a lot. Not the best food against cholesterol, but it does help, unlike other meats such as beef or pork.

Furthermore, due to its high content of iron and minerals horse meat is very good for anemia.

Something we have not mentioned, moreover, is that horse meat is also high content of zinc, which is useful for a few things:

  • Improve our sex life.
  • Fight against diabetes.
  • It helps to grow.
  • Improves the immune system and wound healing.

As you can see, after all horse meat is not bad, right? However, if you’ve ever had and think you may have some type of health risk consuming this type of meat consultation with your doctor.