How breakfast with energy?

Breakfast every day becomes a healthy habit and indispensable when to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, as it is the easiest way to provide our body the variety of nutrients we need to start our day.

breakfast with energy

We should assume between 20 and 25% of the calories that we eat throughout the day, turning it into the best habit to provide our body the energy we need, especially after that for 10 or 12 hours we have not eaten anything (during sleep).

But for that the breakfast is appropriate should give us the energy we need throughout the morning, and we can only achieve this by opting for a nutritious breakfast but adequate from a nutritional point of view.

What foods to choose for breakfast?

Dairy products and derivatives
These are products of animal origin rich in protein, vitamins (A, D and B12) and minerals (calcium and phosphorus). Especially for breakfast include milk, yogurt (or curd) and cheeses.

What would a good breakfast if we do not include one or two pieces of fruit? They are safe and healthy food, rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients to our body (like antioxidants).

We can opt for an apple, a banana (which will bring a lot of energy), kiwis (high in fiber) or pears.

The cereals for breakfast can be ideals, but if these are integral, since the cereals of common breakfast (such as those made for the little ones), often contain excess sugars and low in fiber.

Flour products
A slice of bread accompanied with a teaspoon of jam and cheese would be unique, as accompany it with a little butter or low-fat sausage.

Cookies may be suitable if not eaten daily, as well as pastries.