Chocolate & Ice Cream

How many calories does an ice cream have?

We all like it, but how many calories does an ice cream have when consumed?

To start breaking this down, ice cream can vary in calorie content based on its composition and ingredients. So it is normal that some tend to contribute more of these than others.

calories on ice cream

For example, a chocolate ice cream will have many more calories than a lemon ice cream. Like a crunchy almond, it will have a considered amount of calories above that of passion fruit.

One should also consider that ice cream or milk will help to gain more weight than those of ice.

So it is convenient to know what can be found in each of the ice creams that are on sale today:

Calories in creamy ice cream

The ice creams are among the highest in terms of calories.

Calories in creamy ice cream

So if you consume a scoop serving of cream or milk ice cream, you will be facing 150 calories for 1 scoop and 300 calories for 2 scoops of ice cream.

These calories are more than can be ingested by eating a whole lolly, so the difference in calorie content is one to highlight.

If the ice cream has chunks of other ingredients like chocolate, almonds or cookies, the sum of calories only increases the level.


Popsicles have a lower calorie intake when compared to those made from cream or milk. This is because a large part of its content is water.

However, industrial poles, no matter how natural they appear, can include in their list of ingredients as well as natural fruit and water, as well as colorants and high doses of sugar.

With respect to its average calorie it is 90 calories per 100 grams or milliliters.

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How many calories does a natural ice cream have

The healthiest options when it comes to ice creams are natural homemade ones based on fruits, water and sugar. Something can be between 70 and 100 calories per unit.

calories on natural ice cream

To prepare a natural ice cream you do not need much more than these 3 basic ingredients and a good refrigerator that shows results quickly.

Frozen Yogurt

The Frozen Yogurt is fashionable, and is an opportunity to access much more easily this dessert that offers a little less calorie than other options in the market.

So a normal tub can provide about 140 calories along with a good portion of sugar. Although its caloric value can increase as more toppings you add.

So if your intention is to reduce calorie consumption, opt for fruit toppings and discard chocolate or cookies.

Frozen Chocolates

The frozen chocolates are the guilty pleasure of the lovers of creamy ice creams, their consistency in the company of a crispy cover of more intense flavor, is a great taste.

However, in all its versions: almonds, with cookies, etc. They are one of the most caloric types on the market today. It is estimated that you consume about 340 calories per unit of these.

How many calories in a ice cream sandwich

The ice cream sandwich is another trap for those wishing to consume low-calorie ice cream because it is coated biscuits, wafers or chocolate crunchy.

As far as the calories in the portion of ice cream, it is compounded by the addition of the cookies or wafers.

You can then contribute an average of 270 calories with your consumption.

What is the lowest calorie option?

From what has been observed, the best way to consume low-calorie ice cream is by using homemade ice creams based on water and fruits.

low-calorie ice cream

When preparing ice cream with this base, you will be facing a healthy alternative, and where you will know the origin of each of its components.

Thus eliminating industrial or artificial compounds from your diet, so consuming ice cream without so many saturated fats or sugars will be a possibility. And the alternatives to give flavors and textures are endless.

You can experiment with various fruit combinations, as well as using cinnamon to sweeten instead of sugar.

Another option, if you want a creamy ice cream, is to use light cream cheese or skim milk instead of whole milk.