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How To Cook The Perfect Burger

There are three methods you can use to cook the perfect burger – these include – pan frying, grilling and broiling (which is similar to grilling). In making our perfect burger, we are going to use the pan frying method.

perfect burger

The success in preparing a perfect burger begins with the selection. Mostly, people make mistakes at this stage and end up preparing awful burgers they even don’t want to taste. Most importantly, start with choosing your meat and always remember to buy from a quality butcher one of which can be found here.

The ration of meat to fat content in a burger has been a problem to most people. To sort this out in the preparation of a quality burger, one has to choose their meet wisely. The next thing is season grounding the meat concoction with salt, herbs and pepper. These ingredients are then wrapped in a wax paper so that they can net together. The meat is then left at room temperature to safeguard even coking.

After one has done with the selection of a quality burger, the remaining bit is now cooking your burger. You begin with forming loosely packed patties then keenly drop a teaspoon of olive oil on each portion and ensure the patties are relatively thin in diameter. Once that is done, place it somewhere and proceed to the next step.

Step two is seasoning – you have to ensure that both sides are properly seasoned which helps in the formation of a charred coating during cooking.

To make a perfect burger one has to use a watertight skillet. The mostly used appliance is a cast-iron one. The thickness of the pan also affects the quality of the burger and it has to be standard. The reason as to why emphasis is on iron is because it is less reactive than aluminium and copper. Iron is not a good conductor of heat but once heated, it retains the heat for long and this helps in searing. Before placing your burger on the pan, you have to check whether it is too hot to avoid spoiling your burger.

When it is cooking, do not mess with it, just flip once and do not thrust your burger. Monitor the sides of your burger and once they start changing color or after every four minutes carefully flip it. After flipping, place a teaspoon of butter on top of the flipped patty. Wait for about four minutes again and add cheese if you like, cover and wait again for like a minute.

Your perfect burger is now ready. However, you can dress your burger to make it more delicious by adding other additives such as mayonnaise, slice of ripe tomato and/or broiled mushrooms and onions.