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How to preserve cooked octopus

Octopus is a very particular food that may be liked by many, but it requires certain treatment so that we can enjoy its flavor to the fullest and so that it lasts much longer.

Although the first thing that comes to mind is to freeze food, we will give you some recommendations on how to preserve cooked octopus that you can put into practice.

With these tips, the preparations with octopus that you make at home, will last many more days to repeat as many times as you want and thus make the most of the nutrients that this tasty seafood offers you.

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How to preserve raw octopus

Shellfish can be richer in nutrients and flavor than the fish itself, but they are extremely delicate to keep fresh in order to consume them beneficially.

Before explaining how to preserve cooked octopus, it is important to know that before you cook it, the octopus must also take certain care so that the quality of the product is guaranteed.

It is crucial to maintain the cold chain from the beginning, that is, it is ideal, if possible, for the octopus to leave the store’s refrigerator directly to your freezer.

If you allow the octopus to thaw before you get home, there is a certain possibility that bacteria will grow on it and affect your health once you have consumed it.

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Another tip to keep in mind is that you buy just the amount of octopus that is going to be cooked, so that you do not have a large leftover that could spoil. Shellfish tend to have a short shelf life.

In case you prefer to acquire it without life, make sure that it has a slight aroma of the sea and its color is bright. These are two unequivocal indicators of the freshness of the food.

Once you have made sure that it is in good condition and you take the octopus home, you can prepare it in different ways. Likewise, it is important to know how to preserve cooked octopus so that you maintain its quality and avoid problems due to food poisoning.

Ways to preserve cooked octopus

Now yes, let’s talk about how to preserve cooked octopus, that is, once we have already prepared it. How do we extend its life to consume it again?

The easiest way to preserve the cooked octopus is to put it in the fridge, where it will last approximately 4 days. But, if you want to keep the octopus for a much longer period of time, there are other methods such as freezing, which will allow you to keep the octopus for even months.

Let’s see each of these ways in detail to know how to preserve it.

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1. Refrigeration of the cooked octopus

To preserve the octopus for a few days so that it can be easily reheated and eaten, the best method is to refrigerate it.

If you are wondering how to keep cooked octopus in the fridge, the first thing you should do is let it cool very well once you are no longer going to consume it. You should never put food that is still hot in the fridge, since instead of preserving it you will be accelerating its decomposition process.

However, do not leave the octopus at room temperature for too long, as this can be harmful to its conservation. It is recommended that you watch as it cools down and once you have reached the right temperature to put it in the refrigerator, do so.

The second important tip on how to store cooked octopus in the fridge is to use an airtight container for storage. That is, a container that can be covered very well and does not allow the entry of air or any type of aroma.

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In this way, it is possible to make the cooked octopus last for at least four days in refrigerator and to be able to serve ourselves a delicious octopus dish at any time.

This way of conservation especially recommended if you already have the octopus prepared, that is, if it is already seasoned and accompanied by other ingredients.

2. Keep the frozen octopus

Now, the other most popular way to preserve cooked octopus is by freezing it. Although many people wonder if it is possible to keep cooked food or not, the truth is that most can be frozen without a problem. In this way, the octopus does not lose its organoleptic properties that characterize it, that is, its taste, smell and texture.

To preserve the cooked octopus in this way, the steps are very similar to those in the previous case. The fundamental difference is that you can freeze the cooked octopus without having to prepare it. That is, you can buy octopus and leave it in the freezer for as long as it takes until one day you decide to serve octopus for you and your guests.

If you are wondering how to preserve cooked octopus when freezing it, it is very simple. After having cooked it, let it also cool very well until there are no traces of heat in the food. Once very cold, you can place it in well-sealed plastic containers, or you can use airtight bags.

In case you want to have a little more security when preserving your frozen food, an excellent investment is to get a vacuum sealer.

In this case, it is better to use vacuum-sealed bags instead of hermetic containers or bags, which will allow you to extend the life of your food much more and prevent them from coming into contact with bacteria.

Once your cooked octopus is packaged, it is time to put it in the freezer. Preferably, place it in the back of the freezer so that it receives a greater amount of cold. Once there, the octopus may have a half-life of approximately two months.

Not only it is important that you know how to keep cooked octopus longer, you also have to be very careful when defrosting it. Once again, try not to break the cold chain, so it is best to put the frozen octopus in the refrigerator until it thaws on its own.

We hope that these tips will help you and that you have learned how to preserve cooked octopus in the correct way.