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Tips On How to Store Sweet Potato Pie

The sweet potato pie is one dessert item that rules our stomachs and tastes pallet during weekends. Its sweetness, easy recipe, and palatability make it a perfect go-to option for dinner or lunch. However, it is impossible to prepare the sweet potato pie whenever you want to taste it.

Thus, storing it after cooking can be a good idea. Unfortunately, it will not last too long at room temperature. Thus, you must find a way to keep sweet potato pie in chilled conditions. You will be glad to know that you can store the sweet potato pie for months in proper refrigeration.

You need to cool off the pie properly, wrap it in a good wrapper to make it airtight, and store it in the freezer. Once you can store it properly, you can enjoy the sweet slices for months.

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How to Store Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potato pie is a classic dessert for sweet lovers. The South American dessert has almost become a go-to option after meals. You can store it overnight for serving the next day’s meal in a cool location in your kitchen or dining.

However, you need to store it in a refrigerator if you want to enjoy its slices for a couple of days or even months.

Tips For Overnight Storage Of Sweet Potato Pie

We have already mentioned that storing the sweet potato pie is possible overnight. For this, you need to find a cool place in your home where the room temperature is below 40-degree. The locations can be the following ones:

  • Screened porch
  • Sunroom
  • Utility room
  • Corner of your dining or kitchen room

Nonetheless, you need to cool off the pie before storing it. Also, ensure it receives ample fresh air. If the pie doesn’t get proper ventilation, it will soon get spoilt. When you need to serve it the next day, bake it before serving.

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Tips on Storing Sweet Potato Pie for Long Period In Refrigerator

Maybe you have leftover pies after the holiday meal. Or, you want to taste it for new few days without making a new sweet potato pie. Whatever may be the reason, you can store it in the refrigerator. You should, however, know that a stored sweet potato pie won’t taste as good as the freshly baked ones.

So, you have to bear the disadvantage of storing sweet potato pie in the fridge.

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Allow the pie to cool off

You can’t store the freshly baked or hot pie directly in the fridge. You must cool it off until it comes down to room temperature. For this, take a wire rack. Set the sweet potato pie dish on it for 20 to 30 minutes at least. It will help the dish cool off properly.

Look at the pie to see if it is steaming. Once the pie cools off, it will stop steaming. Also, don’t store the pie immediately if its surface feels cold. It will still need a few more minutes to cool down and settle inside the pie.

Wrap the sweet potato pie

If you plan to store the pie for more than a few days, you must wrap it. The key is to preserve the juiciness and tenderness of the potato pie. Find a plastic wrap and rip off a large portion from it. The plastic wrapper should be large enough to wrap the entire pie twice.

Set the plastic wrapper over the pie and cover it properly. Ensure that the plastic wrap isn’t damaged in any parts. Follow the same way to wrap the sweet potato pie twice. It is crucial because the pies will lose their flavor without proper wrapping and airtight properties.

An alternative way

Maybe the sweet potato pie is too large. So, you don’t have enough space in the refrigerator to store the pie entirely. When it happens, you can cut the pie into smaller pieces. Then, please put them in an airtight container to keep them securely in the refrigerator.

Even if you have enough space in the refrigerator, storing the sweet pie in pieces is a good idea. This way, you can pick the pieces you want to taste in the next meal. Also, it preserves sweetness for a longer period.

Wrap the pie with a foil

Whether you store the sweet potato pies in a container or fully, you must wrap them with foil paper. The foil paper helps the pie to keep its sweetness and flavor intact. It makes storing the pies easier for an extended period.

Simply cut a large piece of aluminum foil paper. Then, wrap the entire container or plastic wrapper of the sweet potato pies. Press it with your hands to ensure no air inside the foil.

Also, be careful while wrapping with aluminum foil. If you accidentally rip off the plastic wrapper, you will need to repeat the step once again.

Store the wrapper potato sweet pie

Now, open your refrigerator. Check if there’s enough shelf space for the pie to store properly. If there’s no space, adjust the containers and food items inside the refrigerator. It will create ample space for the sweet potato pie container.

Now, you can place the container inside the fridge. The sweet potato pie will be safe for eating for at least 1 month inside the refrigerator.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you leave sweet potato pie out all night?

It is possible to leave sweet potato pies all night and serve them in the next few days. However, the temperature must be below 40-degree for storing the pie overnight.

2. What pies do not need refrigeration?

Every pie needs proper refrigeration for storing more than 24 hours. In fact, a few pies such as pumpkin, cream, or custard need refrigeration after 2 to 4 hours of cooking.


Sweet potato pie is a popular dessert for holiday meals. Particularly, Americans love it during thanksgiving meals. If you are in a rush and want to enjoy the pie for a few days after preparing it, you can store it.

The storing process isn’t tough also. It would help if you cooled off the potato pie at first. Then, wrap it with plastic to make it airtight and cover it using aluminum foil paper. Finally, store it in the fridge for one month safely.