Food Tips

Ideal meals before a session of sports

What should we eat before a session of sport? Obviously this will depend on the sport we do and, above all, intensity and duration with which we practice. The correct feeding our body before exercise is critical for maximum efficiency during sport practice, so if you do not already know, takes note of what to eat before sports.

ideal meals

As we said, there are factors such as the intensity or duration of the sports activity that influence everything in the nutrients that we eat, but we must always give priority to the following foods before performing a workout:

If you’ve ever watched a tennis match on TV, you’ll see that breaks most players eat bananas. Why? Because it is a fruit with lots of energy and minerals, and also that the body assimilates very quickly to have some carbohydrates with a high glycemic index.

The paste is ideal take a couple of hours or three before making a sports session, especially if this will lead to significant physical strain, such as a long run or bike stage, two clear examples.

Rice has very similar properties to the paste. However, if you suffer from allergies or intolerance to gluten, you must choose the rice instead of pasta because, as you know, the paste contains enough gluten.

Besides this, rice, especially brown for its large amount of fiber, is ideal for long sessions sports days at breakfast time or 4 or 5 hours before the workout, since it provides us with very extended-release carbohydrates and thanks to fiber will help us release our intestinal transit before competing.

Cereals and porridge
Ideal for breakfast combined with fruit and skim milk. It is best to take cereals that do not contain added sugars unnecessary, typical of most commercial. The oat cereal is recommended, which provides, in addition to a large number of extended-release carbohydrates, a good amount of fiber and some protein and a few vitamins.