Food Tips

If you eat sausages, better without preservatives or coloring

The commercial sausages are one of the foods that have additives and preservatives to keep them fresh. But the chemicals used to preserve these foods can be dangerous to health if consumed in large quantities.

sausages without preservatives

Substances that are often used as preservatives in cured meats are nitrites and nitrates. These substances can become toxic compounds that can damage health.

The benefits of sausages without preservatives or coloring:

  • Less risk of allergic reactions
  • Food without toxic chemicals or
  • More natural and healthy product
  • Reduced risk of stomach upset
  • Low risk of developing degenerative diseases associated with the consumption of sausages and commercial sausage processed industrially.

In sausages without preservatives, coloring or additives taste remains the same but on the contrary gives a homey feel. There are few trademarks of sausages without preservatives or coloring but some are in the supermarket. The other option is to buy homemade products and prepared in a traditional way directly to the producer in field areas.

The disadvantage of sausages without preservatives is that the expiration date is less than the others not contain substances that lengthen life and freshness of the food.

Commercially sausages processed foods are not healthy so it is recommended to restrict or limit the amount consumed to prevent health problems.

However if consumed sausages without preservatives or coloring can consume a greater portion but always exaggerate.