Importance of a healthy breakfast

The breakfast as we know is the most important meal of the day, this gives us the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to maintain high levels of physical and mental energy for the whole day. We must take into note that this is the first food that we eat after a long period of time we spent in fasting.

healthy breakfast

Food selection and results

Not just any food provides the same results to our body, so it is important that we pay special attention to the selection of foods that really provide the energy we need for the day, rather than just be satisfied eating anything.

The level of performance, attention and energy that we have throughout the day, depending on the type of food we consume during the breakfast, but this is not the only thing to consider, we must remember that we can take control of our health and physical appearance by judicious selection of the food we consume.

We can manipulate in this way, through proper food intake, levels of blood sugar and the speed of our metabolism, so it is critical to our health and if we want to maintain a healthy weight, pay attention to our food especially when it comes to breakfast.

Tips for a Healthy Breakfast

  • Try to avoid taking an overly acidic diet, this can greatly affect your stomach. The breakfast should be more alkaline and for this it is recommended the consumption of fruit.
  • Eat high absorption complex carbohydrates. They are mainly responsible for giving energy to our muscles including the brain, so they are very important in this food. But choose the healthiest carbohydrates such as whole grains, oatmeal, breads, etc.
  • Ideally, take a portion of each food group, a portion of protein, a carbohydrate, good fats, fruits, fiber.
  • Avoid fried foods, sugar, caffeine, they have no nutritional value and are too aggressive for our stomach, especially at this meal when we’ve several hours without food.
  • It is advisable to take on an empty stomach a glass of water, preferably with a lemon juice and without sugar, this will help regulate the acidity of our diet.
  • Although it is recommended to have a food from each group it is important that care for the consumption of milk, dairy products can be inflammatory and affect from our gastrointestinal tract to our respiratory organs. We can eat them but not abuse them.
  • Each meal must take calmly, if we give our body a chance to digest properly, therefore we recommend that the breakfast time is sacred to us, come sit and eat in calm, and have the rest of the day to perform our tasks.

Most important of all is that always eat breakfast and have it as a custom, never leave the house without taking any food, many people underestimate the importance of this meal and worn unnecessarily losing their health. So eat and eat well.

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