Includes a delicious salad in your diet

The consumption of fruits and vegetables provides great health benefits, why we should not include daily a delicious salad on our plate, this one must be combined in accordance with the proportions adapted for each of us and most of the dish owes to occupy salad.

salad in diet

Really the salads are much known on a globally that more used that they are very quick and easy to make, are very economical and the variety of vegetables that are made have major nutrients, is also delicious flavor and you can prepare them to your taste, the novelty is that there are many types of salads you can use to satisfy your hunger for healthy way and promote digestion.

With a rich salad apart from helping to preserve our health even helps us to renew ourselves and feel lighter and energized, also it helps hydrate our body since if for example prepare a salad with lettuce, spinach or cucumber these vegetables consist of 90% water and as approaching the season of heat is recommended to consume foods that help keep us hydrated.

Another benefit of eating salad is to help us protect our skin, as many vegetables contain vitamin A and C therefore renew our skin increasing the production of collagen in this way thus avoiding wrinkles, that is if you want to have a perfect skin and hide your age takes salad every day.

With a salad we obtain the necessary fiber for our digestive system to function properly, and to top it off lowers bad cholesterol which also helps prevent heart problems and some other related obesity. With vitamin C and E prevent the harmful effects of free radicals which trigger the development of cardiovascular disease and cancer, a disease which arises increasingly in more people.

With green leaves that we can include in our salad we can prevent anemia because they are rich in iron and chlorophyll, the first is responsible for creating hemoglobin in the blood, on the other hand the salad detoxifies the body that is purifying and diuretic and having a high percentage of water, is low in potassium and sodium which prevents cramps from dehydration as well as elevation of blood pressure among others.